SeeOP. is able to represent your brand / products in the following segments:

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Automotive Division

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Agribusiness Division


Industrial Division

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Retail Division

Become a SeeOP. Partner! We are able to represent your brand / products in the Aftermarket!

We operate throughout the State of SP in contact with major distributors, large stores and retailers. We count on highly qualified professionals to represent your company!

About Us

One of the most complete Commercial Representation and Consulting companies in Brazil.

Commercial Representation focused on making SALES feasible and create new business opportunities!

We have specialized professionals.

Some segments count with professionals with background in Engineering, MBA and more than 10 years of experience in the Market.

Our Foundations


Customer Focus

We seek to understand our clients needs and act in a prompt and efficient manner.



Building a good relationship with the Customer is a priority as it creates a pleasant environment that adds to the day to day business!



100% commitment regarding the product, commercial proposal and deadlines.



Being present with the client is key, “Who is not seen, is not remembered” and is not involved in the needs and new opportunities!

Sales Specialists to represent your Company at the Automakers (OEM Market).

What We Do

  • Represent your Company to the intermediate or final customer;
  • Focus on increasing SALES and getting better results;
  • We provide consulting services for the commercial team structuring;
  • We elaborate and carry out Training and Lectures for continuous improvement of your commercial team´s performance.

The Company SeeOP.

SeeOP. is a Brazilian company. Its creator, Rodrigo Dousseau Godoi has always believed that SALES is the consequence of a good job!

Using the long experience acquired through Global companies in which he worked, he joined the best from each of them to create the SeeOP. which today is one of the most innovative companies in the branch of Commercial Representation and Consulting!

Rodrigo Dousseau Godoi

Founder of SeeOP.  and Sales Manager of Automotive Division


To extend our field of action with the commitment and respect at the same time making us more and more admired by our clients.


With the collaboration of professionals with high expertise in different market segments, SeeOP. aims to achieve excellent Services in Commercial Representation and Consulting. Furthermore we seek to consolidate as a national reference, being an example in the improvement of the country’s Culture Service.

Our Values
1) Dream big

We dream big, however we grow in a gradual and steady way, without compromising results and clients we already have partnered with.

2) Ethic

We seek to be a reference in integrity and creation of value, acting in agreement with the principles of the market and the current norms.

3) Legacy

Work and innovate daily so the Company can thrive by generating more jobs and helping more families. Even more we honor the legal responsibilities by engaging in the most important social causes in Brazil.

4) Professionalism

We invest in professionals with the commitment to follow the standards and ethics of SeeOP. as well as the companies we represent.

5) Knowledge transference

Every day we have the opportunity to learn and teach, in SeeOP. The experiences are shared in order to add experience and knowledge in a dynamic and ethical way.

6) Diversity

We are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion which differences are admired and respected.

7) Opportunities

In SeeOP. we give opportunity for outstanding professionals in the market to grow with us without borders.

8) Recognition

We believe that recognition is the best tool to keep the team motivated and aligned with the company’s expectations.

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