Customer Benefits
  • We work to create a lasting partnership across all levels between Supplier and Customer.
  • We have professionals who have achieved significant results in their market segments.
  • Professionals with excellent behavioral skills, trained to identify and act at the ideal moment in an effective way.
  • Professionals highly trained in good negotiation (win-win).
  • Focused, motivated, creative, emotionally stable, resilient, and persistent professionals.
  • Objective professionals, who better manage time.
SeeOP. Company
  • Unique Concept of Representation and Commercial Consulting, which the focus is to strengthen the relationship with the client and make new business possible.
  • Constant investment in training our professionals, as well as customized constructive assessments  at all levels. Mutual growth.
  • Our team is constantly looking for resources that add to the sales power!
  • We value a clear and objective language in the communication between Clients and Employees.
  • We support the relationship from the complaints, delivery and quality to the solving of the unsatisfied customer.
  • SeeOP. is constantly expanding, which makes service efficient and steady.
  • SeeOP has a great commitment to keep up to date in the markets, and for this it seeks to participate in events focused on each branch of activity.
  • Strategic decisions are treated as “cases” discussed and concluded in partnership with the team of representatives.
THE BASE SeeOP. – Rodrigo Dousseau Godoi
  • Customer-focused, experienced, fast results, well-connected, resilient and fast-paced business results (do not waste time).
  • Graduated in Engineering.
  • MBA in Strategic and Business Economic Management (FGV).
  • + 10 years of experience in the OEM Market (Automakers).
  • + 5 years of Aftermarket experience.
  • + 450 contacts in 14 Automakers (MAN, MBB, VW cars, Ford, GM, Renault & Nissan, PSA, Hyundai, Honda, CAOA, SCANIA, Fiat, Toyota and Mitsubishi & Suzuki).
  • Successful cases with Automakers MAN, MBB, Hyundai, GM, Ford, VW cars, PSA, CAOA and SCANIA.
  • + R$ 50 Million in new business / contracts in the last 6 years.
  • Trained more than 3,000 professionals among vendors and technicians all over the country in products sold in the Aftermarket.
  • Served large distributors, retailers, shopkeepers and VW dealers all over the country.
  • Helped implement brands / products in the Market.
  • + 200 professional contacts as market reference.